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About Us

Vision & Mission

With a vision to make people healthy, fit and happy, we aspire to become a not for profit leading health care service provider in the world. We want to offer revolutionary, innovative, research based, safe, effective, easy to follow and cost effective medical services, products and fitness programs to the general public.

Description of the Company

MEDIPLEX is a premier not for profit health care service provider. The major motto is to provide low cost medical services to general public, renders contractual services to domestic and global clients and also conducts independent research in drug discovery, yoga, & medicine. e-of-the-art medical & fitness centers at various locations in India to offer the much needed services in the area of obesity treatment and other diseases as well as yoga classes.

Mediplex: History

It was founded by a group of doctors and scientists who wanted to offer revolutionary medical solutions at affordable cost. Rising incidence of diseases such as Obesity, Arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes etc have created a epidemic like situation in the society. Traditional Medical Systems do not have solutions for chronic diseases but are managing the problem at symptomatic levels. This has produced immense opportunity to offer nature based scientific medical system at low cost to general public.

Features of our services

Safe and Effective

Scientific Rationale and Evidence based: The science was integrated in all the packages so that the solutions are effective, replicable, well tested and safe.

Combination Packages

As diseases are caused by multiple factors and hence treatment has to be multi pronged therefore innovative combinations were devised. For example our hallmark weight loss program is combination of several methods which have been scientifically combined and evolved to give safe, effective and excellent weight loss solution to the clients.

Best in Class Team

Our team is interdisciplinary: complex healthcare problem require multifaceted and multiskilled professionals. We hire doctors, scientists, engineers, therapists, fitness trainers and dieticians to solve such problems.

Our team is highly qualified- Our team members are qualified from the top class universities and insitutes.

Our team is passionate about health care- We breathe, practice and dream health care and offering best to our clients. Our evolution has been driven by the spirit of innovation that is part of our DNA.

Best Systems and Practices- We learn from best institutes across the world, attend conferences, discuss and build best in class systems and pratices in health care and fitness domain.

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