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    Mediplex: History

It was founded by group of highly qualified doctors and scientists who wanted to offer revolutionary medical solutions at affordable cost.

 •Reasons: Diseases such as Psoriasis, Obesity, Arthritis, high blood pressure etc have been increasing in the society.

•Traditional Medical Systems don’t have solutions for that e.g. They are only managing symptoms on temporary basis.


Safe and Effective: A novel and recently developed research based branch of Homeopathy was considered to solve these problems known as Revolutionized/Evidence based homeopathy which offer safe, fast and permanent solutions.

–Technology: Latest technologies were developed to include and complement medicinal treatment.
–Scientific Rationale and Evidence based: The science was integrated in all the packages so that the solutions are effective, replicable, well tested and safe.
–Combination Packages: As diseases are caused by multiple factors and hence treatment has to be multi pronged therefore innovative combinations were devised for example we are giving Mediplex Homeopathy Treatment as well as specialized physiotherapy solutions for treatment of joint problems. Further, our hallmark weight loss program is combination of several methods which have been scientifically combined and evolved to give safe, effective and excellent weight loss solution to the clients.



To become a number one health care group in the world, offering cutting edge revolutionary, innovative, research based , safe, effective, easy to follow, customer oriented and cost effective services to the world.

Why we are special ?
•We have spent years of research to develop this protocol which includes Yoga, BMR correcting homeopathic medicines, Diet/Life Style modifications, specialized chips for Machines !  Our machine promotes natural fat loss in the body by simulation contraction and relaxation of abdominal muscles.
•We are the first in world to develop novel internet based system for weight loss !
•First in world virtual doctor system based upon artificial intelligence !


Our doctors and consultants work on volunteer basis for the benefit of the community. are ts, to develop and implement latest medical solutions for our clients. They are highly qualified, experienced and expert in their respective skill sets. They take good care of our clients and regularly trained on ever evolving mediplex systems.


They are trained to posses following characteristics:

a) Energetic, dynamic and Innovative.

b) Compassionate, Socially responsible and Helpful.

c) Beaming with positive thoughts, hope, new ideas and  desire to accomplish difficult.

d) Loves challenges and beats them