Why Homeopathy

No side Effects, It cures diseases rather suppressing it, Medicines derived from natural substance in highly minute doses, Improves resistance and immunity, Cost effective, Long term benefits


1. PCOD Problem of Ms A has been cured. 2. 20 years old Psoriasis of Mr. G has been cured. Read more at our testimonial pages More

Why Mediplex Homeopathy ?

Highly qualified & experienced team of doctors from reputed universities, Genetics & systems biology based practice of homoepathy, Self owned research lab, Successfully treated over 2 lacs patients

Video Testimonials

  • Hepatitis B case with dermatitis
  • Results vary from person to person

Mediplex Introduction

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Case studies

Patients history

Posted on 12 December 2012 Dr. Sharma writes about case studies of patients treated at mediplex

Bronchitis: Homeopathy treatment not only cured his bronchitis, but also made him an ardent follower of this healing

Psoriasis: Tormented by erythrodermic psoriasis for 7 years, Non the verge of hospitalization.

Allergic Rhinitis: 20-year-old Sophia who suffered from allergic rhinitis since many years finally found relief with homeopathy.

*Results vary from person to person.


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  • Grow Plex

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