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The expert homeopathic consultant team consists of finest brains in homeopathic field which includes Dr. Sharma, Dr. Gaur, Dr. Sudan , Dr. Khurana, Dr. Kumar, and Dr. Rawal etc. They have obtained Bachelorís of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery from reputed universities in India and abroad. They have been practicing classical homeopathy for the past 13 years. They attend over 500 patients on daily basis. It is estimated that they have treated over 200000 patients though online and offline systems across the world. The major achievements are in achieving high cure rates in the area of incurable and difficult diseases such as obesity, diabetes, psoriasis, asthma etc. Despite their busy schedule they have devoted their time on research and development in homeopathy and finding effective treatments for combating diseases such as obesity and its associated disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, hypothyroidism etc. They are expert in scientific and evidence based medical practice using advanced technologies. Many of the consultants have obtained MDs and PhDs with interests in genomics and systems biology. They integrate advances in modern sciences in the homoeopathic practice. Mediplex has strong research group which assist them in making discoveries and making advances in medicine.

They have published several papers in prestigious international journals and have been invited to deliver talks in international and national conferences. Some of our doctors are research fellow of DBT and Indian Council of Medical Research.  They have been awarded grants from Genetic Information Research Institute California , USA , Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and DST.


Mediplex medical and research group is actively working in the area of systems biology of chronic diseases. Despite several advancements in the field of medicine & life sciences, chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cancers and bronchial asthma remains an unsolved problem as evident by rising number of cases in human population. One of the reasons behind the failure to treat chronic disease is our limited understanding of pathophysiology and reductionist view point. Mediplex believes that these diseases are outcome of interactions of innate factors (predispositions) with its environment. These innate factors include genes and their polymorphism coupled with their expression and proteins, immune responses and other metabolites constitute a predisposition of a human being to suffer from a particular disease or set of diseases. These predispositions influenced with suitable environmental factors which include life style, stressful situations and ageing process lead to series of changes in the system of human being causing specific set of diseases.

To unravel this mystery we need to understand the disease or human system as a whole therefore we initiated this interdisciplinary project on deciphering of gene networks implicated in obesity and its induced diseases such as diabetes. We have developed automated systems coupled with clinical research to identify key genes involved in obesity and its induced disorders such as diabetes.

Mediplex Consultants are available for consultation at following centers on prior appointment.

A)    MEDIPLEX  Centre P-15A Jangpura Extn New Delhi 14

B)     MEDIPLEX- PACIFIC SPORTS CLUB CENTER , Andrews Ganj adjacent to GK1 Petrol Pump and Central School .

C)    MEDIPLEX- C34 A Kalkaji New  Delhi 34

D)    MEDIPLEX- D-Block, Near-Vyapar Kendra, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon (Haryana)

E)     Dwarka Sector 6

F)     Paschim Vihar

G)    Tilak Nagar

Phone Numbers-9313520295, 7428662623, 7827303315, 9971549179, 9311148666, 9818030746